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Content Design Exercise



You work for a flower company that takes online orders for deliveries. You’ve received some complaints of people getting orders without knowing who they’re from. With a little digging, you think the issue stems from a specific part of the order flow. 


The steps in the overall user flow are:

  1. Lands on Pretty Nice Flowers website

  2. Browses for product

  3. Adds product to their cart

  4. Proceeds to the checkout

  5. Completes the order flow

  6. Pays for order

  7. Leaves site or continues to browse


The “note” section is not required to place an order on the website. This is the only place in the flow where the content that will appear on the note that gets delivered with the flowers can be entered.

Initial Analysis
Competitive Analysis I
Competitive Analysis II
Competitive Analysis III
Voice and Tone
Persona 1 (1)
Persona 3
Persona 2
Voice and Tone (1)
Microcopy Canvas
Frame 73
Frame 74
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