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Children's Stool


A five-member group project to create a children's stool for a mass production class.

The project brief required that students collaborate to design a stool using a rotary draw bender in its fabrication. 

My contribution was in the design process of the stool, cutting the seat on the band saw, sanding the seat, attaching the seat to the base with conduit straps, and varnishing the seat. 


Made with mild steel tubing legs and a basswood seat. 




Initial dimensioning sketch.

Tube Bending

Bending the mild steel on the rotary draw bender.

Stool base

The legs of the stool formed with three bent tubes, then welded by the shop technician.


Varnishing the stool with clear Varathane.

Finished Stool

The understated appearance and simple materials allow the stool to fit into a variety of environments.

Stool in Use

The rounded corners give the stool a friendlier appearance and add comfort.

Triangular Forms

The triangular form is consistent throughout the piece in the legs and seat.

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