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Cafe Bookstore & Author's Residence


The final studio project for first year architecture at Ryerson University. The aim of this design is to unify the spaces while maintaining privacy for residents by using a variety of architectural screens.

Modeled in Rhinoceros 3D, rendered in VRay, edited in Photoshop, and drawings done in Adobe Illustrator. 

Cafe Bookstore & Author's Studio Renders

Views from the cafe bookstore, and from the author's writing studio overlooking the retail space.

Private Patio Render

View of the patio in the author's residence. The author can view the retail space through the skylight.

Exterior Render

Exterior render of the cafe bookstore on the ground floor and author's residence on the second floor.

Section & Sectional Perspective

These sections are meant to communicate the transition from the retail space to residential space; it is a transition from public to private.


Plans of the retail level (top image) and residence (bottom image).

Concept Sketches

Initial concepts and precis diagram centred around the idea of connecting the spaces.

Concept Sketches

Concept sketches based on the retail and residential space forming a Venn diagram.

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